Privacy Policy

Credit Card / Payment information

  • We use Paypal to process transactions.
  • We never have access to the credit card information or other payment information of our customers.

Customer Address / Contact information

  • In order to fulfill shipments, we will receive your contact information from Paypal.
  • We will not share this with anyone.
  • We do not sell or share any customer information at all, except with Paypal and the delivery services (like UPS) when necessary.

E-mail Address

  • Creating an account on our site requires a valid e-mail address.
  • We will never sell your e-mail address.
  • We may use your address to send you receipts, or to contact you with information about your orders.
  • We will use your e-mail address to identify you when you log into the site.
  • We will NOT use your e-mail address to send you our newsletters or other mailing list messages, unless you specifically sign up for those lists.